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The average dairy herd in the UK is around 140/150 cows, and we only milk 10!


My name is Huw Foulkes, and its always been my dream to milk my own cows at Pentrefelin, and a couple of years ago I came to a crossroads in my life where I had to decide weather to start milking conventionally or to try something different. Pricing up milking 100+ was pretty eye watering, committing to borrowing hundreds of thousands of pounds from the bank, and selling milk to a very unpredictable and quite vulnerable market didn’t seem like a good idea at the time.So I started with what I could afford.

I raided the piggy bank and bought 4 Red Poll heifers and a small milking machine that could milk one cow at a time, trying to target a market that would appreciate a different approach to dairy farming.


And 2 years on we’re milking 10 cows, all milk is sold to amazing locals and a couple of unique independent shops dotted around North Wales.


Being so small scale also means we are completely self sufficient when it comes to feeding the cows, we can grow enough food so we don’t have to buy anything in from other farms.We milk a dual purpose, heritage breed of cow called the Red Poll.


These native cows are fantastic at converting diverse pastures into delicious milk and beef.

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